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The copyright of all photos in this section remains with Jerry Bibuld, who uses the proceeds from their commercial use to support African chess federations.
If you wish to use any of these pictures read Jerry's note below and contact him at the address given.
Please support his work.
Alan Cowderoy

These photographs are the result of the labor -- and are the property -- of Jerome Bibuld. THEY MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY PROJECT REMOTELY RELATED TO MAKING A PROFIT WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF MR. BIBULD, THE OWNER. His standard requirement for commercial use of his material is that the user provide chess literature to three African chess organizations. Those wishing to use one or more of the photographs for commercial purposes may contact the owner at:

Jerome Bibuld
377 Westchester Avenue -- Apt. 5M
Port Chester, NY 10573, USA
Tel. & Fax.: (914) 939-5023

Those wishing to contribute chess literature or equipment should send the material to:
Promotion of Chess in South Africa
P. O. Box 217
Athlone 7760
Chess Federation of Uganda
P. O. Box 2355
Federacao Mozambicana de Xadrez
Caixa Postal 4038

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